We are an Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary. No entry or membership fees or dues. Just high quality cannabis meds and supplies at lowest prices in Salem (based on feedback from Salem patients). Among Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, we are one of the original premier organizations. Locations in Salem and Newport. Serving Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Eugene, Newport, Lincoln City, Toledo, Waldport, Tillamook, and all of Oregon Coast.  

Our Mission 
We strive to provide a good selection of the highest quality Cannabis Meds and clones available. We support and work closely with expert, experienced growers and processors. Patients are the driving force behind the OMMP and we are here to serve and protect all who need the benefits derived from Cannabis as medicine. 

In addition to providing many Medical Cannabis products, we offer assistance to OMMP card holders with technical aspects of growing. We will inspect or review grow sites and freely share the benefits of our many years of experience.
Clones and supplies in stock.
Oregon Medical Marijuana growers welcome for transfers to CannaMedicine.  TESTING REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Organization News
Feedback from members indicate we consistently have the highest quality, best selection and the lowest prices in Salem and Oregon Coast Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Salem and area        503-585-2697     Newport/Lincoln County  541-574-2685      Entire State of Oregon
Visit us at 1460 State St. in Salem and 157 NW 15th St in Newport
NOW OPEN IN NEWPORT: Open 7 days/week 
 Join us for Ducks and Beavers, NFL, Golf etc. on big screens.  
E-Mail address 

Varieties usually available in Salem (Availability constantly changing so please call for current status)

Varieties usually available in Newport (Availability constantly changing, so please call for current status)



Cherry Kush

Cherry OG


Kimbo Kush

OG Kush

Purple Kush



Skunk 47


Vanilla Kush



Strain Price 

Agent Orange $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195 

Cheese $8.50/gram,  1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195 

Cherry Kush $7/gram, 1/8oz/$24.50, 1/4oz/$49, 1/2oz/$98, 1oz/$195

Cherry OG $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Cinex $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Green Crack $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Harlequin $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Hubba Head $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195 

Headband $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Jeager $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195 

Kimbo Kush $7/gram, 1/8oz/$24.50, 1/4oz/$49, 1/2oz/$98, 1oz/$195

Kosher Tangie $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Mango $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195 

OG Kush $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Romulan $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195 

Sage N Sour $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Sharksbreath $7/gram, 1/8oz/$24.50, 1/4oz/$49, 1/2oz/$98, 1oz/$195

Skunk 47 $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195

Vanilla Kush $8.50/gram, 1/8oz/$29.75, 1/4oz/$55, 1/2oz/$105, 1oz/$195


Edibles in Salem

Edibles in Newport

White Chocolate Turtles

Dark Chocolate Turtles

Milk Chocolate Turtles

Lollipops (various flavors)



Cannabis Capsules 

Amazing Edibles Tropical Punch Chew and Grape Chew

Dharma Drops (various flavors of gummies) 

Spinners Confections Candies (various flavors of chocolates)

Jolly Greens Organic Lozenges (various flavors)

Golden Leaf Premium Gummies (various flavors)

Golden Leaf Chocolates

KC's Lozenges (various flavors, great for beginners)

Magic Brownie Mix (Spinner's Confections) 

Momma J's Capsules 


Cannabis Capsules 




Concentrates at Salem Location

Concentrates at Newport Location





RSO (syringe)



Capsules (including 100mg RSO, 10mg RSO, 5mg RSO, 10mg Olive Oil Infused)



MoonRocks (coming soon)

Golden Leaf Products 

Cold Processed Tincture: 3ml syringe $3 1/2oz vial $8

Creampie BHO: 0.5g/$20 1g/$35 

Golden Leaf oil vaporizer cartridge: 0.4g $25

POPNaturals oil vaporizer cartridge: 0.5g $29

POPNaturals premium CO2 Sap: 1g $40

POPNaturals disposable vape pen: 0.5g $29

POPNaturals premium CO2 oil syringe: 1g $40

Shark Shock BHO: 0.5g $20 1g $40

Keif: 1g regular $20 1g premium $25

Sour Grape RSO syringes: 3ml $25

Sunrise Analytical RSO syringes (peach, orange, blackberry, strawberry): 1ml $35

Momma J's capsules: 2caps $10

Olive Oil infused capsules: 1 cap $1


Call for availability 
Tranquil Turtle Pain Relief Salve
Empower (Cannabis Infused Oil Topical Pain Relief and Therapeutic Soaking Salts) 

Plan a visit:

1460 State St close to 14th St and State next to Capital Market.  Open 7 days/week and most holidays.  Please call for directions or just come on in.

157 NW 15th St. in Newport. 1/2 block toward the ocean off Hwy 101.  Across from Subway. 

Ask about discounts to fabulous local restaurants for OMMP patients from Portland, Salem, Eugene, throughout Willamette Valley and beyond.      

Always bring your current OMMP card and picture ID. 
 Please call for directions to 1460 State St.  Salem,Oregon.  503-585-2697      157 NW 15th St.  Newport, Oregon  541-574-2685 
Open 11am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday and 12pm to 7pm on Sunday



Questions or comments? Contact us at:

Salem Phone: 503-585-2697 
Newport Phone: 541-574-2685